Fishing in Mallorca – Prejudice aside

Solche riesigen Thunfische warten beim Angeln auf Mallorca auf Sie.

Sea-angling in Mallorca and then catching big fish? You bet! It’s not just monster tunas like this that provide first-rate fishing adventures

“You’re spending your holidays in the Balearics? Then leave your rods at home because there’s no point in angling in Mallorca apart from small harbour species” is the frequently expressed opinion of many anglers flying to the south. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Mallorca awaits you with breath-taking fishing. Let me, Michael Standor, tell you about the opportunities here. 

Beim Angeln auf Mallorca fängt man solch schöne Amberjacks.

Such beautiful amberjacks can be caught off the coasts of the Balearic Islands! You would have to go to hospital for an operation to take a smile like this off your face!

Mallorca Fishing – much better than its reputation!

Again and again we are confronted with the preconception that the Mediterranean is overfished and that you have to be extremely lucky and be there at the right time to catch any fish at all. Yet the Balearics – Mallorca, Ibiza and the smaller islands – offer great opportunities to catch tuna, swordfish and spear fish. Coastal fishing for amberjacks, leerfish and dentex is extremely successful during their seasons. Every year from May through to November the good catch results demonstrate how well fish stocks have recovered in the waters surrounding these popular holiday destinations.  

In retrospect

Früher wurden viele Thunfische vor Mallorca von Berufsfischern gefangen.

In former times tuna catches used to be displayed in Majorcan ports. Photograph: Pixabay

During  the 80‘s and 90’s overexploitation took place in the sea area around the Balearic Islands. Fortunately, the commercial fishing is now strongly limited and there are extremely strict controls at sea and harbors in order to stop the illegal fishing.

Conservation measures look like this now: 


A shot of a hunting tuna pack. This is a sight now seen more frequently off the coastline of Mallorca. Photo: OAR/National Undersea Research Program

A new submarine world is developing

Thanks to strict regulation stocks have recovered enormously fast. The ability of many warm-water fish species to regenerate effectively has been proven here as well. This means fishing from both islands is excellent from the end of April until the end of December – and things are getting better from year to year.  Of course, this development is not due entirely due to higher stock levels but also to our increasing understanding of the fishery

You can almost hear the wheels whirring in Michael’s head… where are the albacore heading to today?

We know of an angling paradise!

We can justifiably maintain that we know our way around fishing in Mallorca and Ibiza. Nobody apart from myself has ever grappled so intensively with fish behaviour, the fishery’s conditions and fishing itself. After all, I have spent many years on the waters here and my mind never stops working. So if you would like to participate in some first-class angling in this top fishery do not hesitate to contact Balearic Sportfishing.

Wir zeigen Ihnen gern das richtig erfolgreiche Angeln auf Mallorca

A fantastic start to a new day’s fishing off the coast of Mallorca. What adventure will the day have in store for us?

The Balearic Seasons

It starts with a bang

The fishing season in Mallorca lasts from the end of April to the end of December. We start off in Ibiza towards the end of April/beginning of May and target the large packs of Bluefin tuna which head to this spot straight as a die after returning from the Atlantic. Skipjacks, false albacore, swordfish and spearfish can be successfully targeted during this period


Albacore – Paukenschlag vor Mallorcas Küste!

It all comes together when you fish for albacore: the rate of takes, the exhilarating fights and plenty of delicious, nicely sized fish!

We troll, drift and jig for tuna and also cast straight to them. It can’t get much more exciting than that. It never gets boring because we stay in permanent contact with the shoals. We also fish at night because that is when swordfish come to the surface from their feeding zones very deep down. This is where we wait for them!

Our fleet moves to Mallorca from June onwards. We target the large packs of albacore (aka longfin tuna) for the whole month until early July. With the added attraction of swordfish, spearfish, mahi mahi and skipjacks we have a first-class fishery with up to 30 bites a day.

The Big Boys are coming

Heißer Thunfisch-Drill in der Endphase – Jetzt nicht die Nerven verlieren!

The final phase in a dramatic tuna fight – Don’t lose your nerve now!

Once the Bluefin tuna have finished spawning in July the time for big-game fishermen has come. This when we catch Bluefin tuna in the 50 to 100 kilo class (almost) every day – absolutely impressive fighting and feeding machines. We frequently catch several in a day because these predators hunt in packs.  


Light relief on the side

Chumming vor Mallorcas Küste

The chumming machine has to be fed constantly – it reliably attracts the giants from the deep to the boat

You present your bait in the chum trail (aka rubby dubby) flowing away from the boat which is usually anchored. With this passive method you can simultaneously have great fun fishing off the bottom. You will get takes from extremely tasty species such as: 

All kinds of fish like this dentex can be attracted to the boat by a chum trail of mashed sardines and the like.

Highlights in summer

This is the chosen fishing method until the swordfish and leerfish leave their spawning grounds and join forces with the tuna which makes the fishing even more diversified and in addition to BFT fishing we can troll for leerfish close to the coast and go for mighty swordfish at night. The Majorcan season finishes on 25th September with a trip back to Ibiza lasting a couple of days.


We move locationThe end of the Majorcan season sees us back in Ibiza fishing for a variety of species such as amberjacks, leerfish, swordfish, groupers, dentex, red snappers, mahi mahi, Atlantic bonito and false albacore. Trolling, spinning, jigging and fly-fishing – in a nutshell: we fish for anything that is fun to catch and of reasonable size.

Die Überfahrt von Mallorca nach Ibiza ist ein weiteres Jahreshighlight!

What's more, an increasing number of tuna now visit the feeding grounds off the coast of Ibiza and we are out there every day targeting these forage-fish devouring machines until well into March.